Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an interview?


With an ongoing increase in the number of applications at selective colleges, schools are interested more than ever in finding the students who will make a meaningful academic or extra-curricular contribution to the school. 

The match between the interests of the student and the services that the school has to offer is considered the "fit". 

Those with a good fit tend to be most likely to matriculate at that school and are often the students who make the greatest impact once they arrive on campus. 


I am a good student. Why do I need more preparation for college interviews?

Strong students with lots of extra-curricular activities are often the individuals who need to give most attention to the interview. High-achieving high school students can appear similar on paper. These same students often have difficulty prioritizing their interests and articulating them during the interview. Interview preparation can help the student convey the most relevant information in order to make a lasting impression. 

Is the college interview really important?

Colleges use the interview as a tool to help them identify the students who are most interested in the school and those that would be the best fit for the school.  A well-prepared student will seize this opportunity. 

For schools that offer it, the college interview serves two purposes. First, it provides the school with a better gauge for the student’s interest in the school and potential fit on campus.  Second, it gives the student an opportunity to ascertain if the school is a good match for his/her interests.

How do schools use the interview? Can a bad interview hurt my application?

The interview is not likely to hurt an applicant's chance for acceptance into the school, but it will be taken into consideration while the admissions committee discusses his/her application.  Given two students with similar academic and extra-curricular accomplishments, the one who made a good impression during the interview is more likely to rise to the top.